Google Maps on Android

Mobile Google Maps update gives Google Business View priority over any other images belonging to any given business.

In the next few days if not already, when you use Google Maps on your Android device or iPhone, you will notice a redesigned icon. But more than a new icon awaits, the whole interface of mobile maps has been refreshed. You can read about specific changes in the Google Maps blog.
What caught our attention as Google Business View photographers is that in this latest update of the app, Google maps is using Business View as the masthead image for the search result.
Here are a couple of screenshots showing the results pointing at two of the business that shot by us at innenpanoramafoto.



If a business does not have a Google Business View virtual tour, then Google maps uses one of the images from the Google+ gallery as a masthead. So it is very important for businesses to take the Google+ page seriously.
If you are a businesses who wants to improve and enhance your presence in Google. you must claim your Google+ “My Business” page, keep your details up to date, and of course I recommend you to also hire a Certified Google photographer to shoot and upload Google Business View virtual tour.

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